50 mile Bantam Lake Route

Mile marker            Directions / Notes

0 mi.                          Head northeast on River Rd

2.14 mi.                      Bear left at stop sign

3.86 mi.                      Left at stop sign, over rt. 84 stay right

4.41 mi.                      Left turn onto Hollow Swamp Rd

4.95 mi.                      Turn left on Rt 172 (South Britain Rd.)

8.72 mi.                      At 4-way stop sign go straight across onto Transylvania Rd.

8.85 mi.                     Bear right on Transylvania Rd.

11.44 mi.                    At stop sign turn left onto Good Hill Rd.

11.7 mi.                      Turn right onto  Westside Rd.

12.51 mi                     Turn left onto Westwood Rd.

12.71 mi.                    Turn right onto Jack’s Bridge Rd.

13.09 mi.                   Turn left onto Rt. 47

13.68 mi.                    Turn slight right onto Rt 132 for approx. 4 miles

17.83 mi.                    Turn left onto Carmel Hill Rd.

19.83 mi.                    Turn left on Still Hill Rd.

19.9   mi.                    Turn right on Carmel Hill Rd.

20.81 mi.                    Turn left on Woodcreek Rd.

21.54 mi.                    Turn right on Rt. 109 (Old Litchfield Rd)

24.29 mi.                  Turn left on Rt. 209

26.21 mi.                    Turn right onto N. Shore Rd.

27.83 mi.                    Turn right on Rt. 202 (Bantam Rd.).

28.83 mi.                    Turn right onto Bissell Rd.

29.02 mi.                    Slight right on Bissell Rd. (White Wood Rd.)

29.12 mi.                    Turn right on Whites Wood Rd. Note: this road becomes Alain White Rd.

32.16 mi.                    Continue straight on Rt. 61.

33.84 mi.                    Bear left on Lakes Rd. immediately after Bethlehem Fair

35.24 mi.                    Straight onto Nonnewaug Rd.

35.81 mi.                    Turn right onto Green Hill Rd.

36.47 mi.                    Slight right onto Rt 61 (Main St.) .

36.55 mi.                    Turn left on Flanders Rd.

41.7   mi.                    Turn right on Rt. 6. NOTE: Rt. 6 is a busy road be cautious!

47.49 mi.                    Turn right onto Main St. South.

49.0   mi.                    At 4-way traffic light go straight continue straight across

50.29 mi.                    Turn right onto River Rd. follow back to starting area

53.87 mi.                       Arrive Shepaug Dam Recreational Area

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