First Aid Protocol

    1. Administer any CPR or urgent interventions (EPI pen, pertinent medications, etc.) immediately.  Pressure should be applied to open wounds with a t-shirt, towel, etc.  Closed injuries should be immobilized as much as possible.
      • The event director has emergency contact information and medical information on file.
    2. Instruct the event director via radio to call 911, if necessary.  The event director is also responsible for retrieving the first aid kit from the shed.  Gloves should always be worn as a precaution against foreign body fluids.
    3. Guide victim to the boat platform and move him/her as little as possible.  If possible, transport back to the dock.
    4. Note that LOF does have a backboard in the shed that can be used for an emergency situation.
    5. Keep patient warm, comfortable, and calm until help arrives.  
    6. Some guidelines for positioning a victim:
      • A victim with potential compromise to the head, neck, or spinal cord should not be moved.  
      • An unconscious victim should be placed on his/her side.  
      • Injured limbs should be stabilized in the position of most comfort.    
    7. Emergency personnel should be directed down the driveway and to the waterfront as close to the victim as possible.  Always keep the driveway clear in case of an emergency!

Did You Know…?

The first aid kit is mounted on the inside of the shed door for easy access